New Generation Disinfectant Antibacterial, Antifungicide 100% Protection

Multiway Clean is a water based, environmentally friendly disinfectant; which destroys the bacteria, fungicides and fungus in environments where it contacts.

The Hypochlorous Acid; in other words the Active Chlorine, which is the environmentally suitable disinfectant that is compatible with the new production concept of our century is a biocide with a broad spectrum. It is strong, safe and non-toxic. It destroys almost all microorganisms such as bacteria, virus, fungus in seconds. The Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) solution demonstrates its Disinfection Effect by disrupting the cell membrane structure of microorganisms, thanks to its high ORP ( Oxidation Reduction Potential) value. Due to this feature; the Hypochlorous Acid is a quite effective and broad spectrum disinfectant material. It performs an effective Disinfection and Sterilization process on microorganisms such as the Bacteria, Viruses and Fungus.

Environmentally Friendly

Water Based

No Alcohol


Water Based, 100% Natural New Technology Cleaning Solution; That Disinfects 99.9% of the Bacteria, Viruses and Fungus and Can Be Used In All Fields of Life For People, Animals and Plants

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